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Professional Development

Professional Development Library
The Group 1 Professional Development Library contains the following publications.  They are available for all members of Group 1.  For information on checking out publications, contact the Group 1 Professional Development Officer.

ID Source Title
IS-242 FEMA Effective Communication
USAF The Tongue and Quill
AU-1 AU Press Style and Author Guide
AU-2 AU Press Guidelines for Command
AU-24 AU Press Concepts for Air Force Leadership
AU-3 AU Press AU Press Publications Listing
AU-3 AU Press Air University Publications
AU-4 AU Press Listening Effectively
AU-5 AU Press Speaking Effectively
B-4 AU Press On Celestial Wings
B-9 AU Press Commanding an Air Force Squadron in the Twenty First Century
B-12 AU Press Stragety for Defeat
The Luftwaffe 1933-1945
B-38 AU Press The Development of the B-52 and Jet Propulsion
B-44 AU Press Architects of American Air Supremacy
General Hap Arnold and Dr Theodore von Karman
B-51 AU Press Rise of the Fighter Generals
The Problem of Air Force Leadership 1945-1982
B-63 AU Press Beyond Horizons
A Half Century of Air Force Space Leadership
B-71 AU Press They Served Here
B-78 AU Press The War in the Air 1914-1994
B-79 AU Press Introduction to the United States Air Force
B-84 AU Press American Airpower Comes of Age
General Henry H. "Hap" Arnold's World War II Diaries, Volume 1
B-85 AU Press American Airpower Comes of Age
General Henry H. "Hap" Arnold's World War II Diaries, Volume 2
B-90 AU Press A10s Over Kosovo
B-91 AU Press Airpower Myths and Facts
B-98 AU Press Into the Unknown Together
The DoD, NASA, and Early Spaceflight
B-100 AU Press Heirpower! 8 Basic Habits of Exceptionally Powerful Lieutenants
B-105 AU Press Space Power Integration
Perspectives from Space Weapons Officers
B-106 AU Press Military Airpower
B-108 AU Press Vantage Points
Perspectives on Airpower and the Profession of Arms
B-113 AU Press Engineering the Space Age
A Rocket Scientist Remembers
B-115 AU Press In Service to the Nation
Air Force Research Institute Strategic Concept for 2018-2023
B-116 AU Press Lights, Camera, Action
Getting Back to the Basics
P-41 AU Press GPS versus Galileo
P-53 AU Press The Rise of Air Mobility and Its Generals
P-58 AU Press "When You Get A Job To Do,Do It"
The Airpower Leadership of Lt Gen William H. Turner
T-18 AU Press Hale's Handful…Up from the Ashes
The Forging of the Seventh Air Force from the Ashes of Pearl Harbor to the Trimph of VJ-day
T-37 AU Press Information Warfare
An Air Force Policy for the Role of Public Affairs
none AU Press 50 More Questions Every Airman Can Answer